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3d printing in pharmaceutics a new tool for designing - 3d printing in pharmaceuticals represents an elegant tool for designing simple accurate cheap structured and tailored drug delivery systems, interview scan the world 3d printable collection reaches - 188shares146420the scan the world project has achieved another 3d printing landmark in the cultural heritage projects short history founded by jonathan, 3d printing farm scales with cobots automation world - voodoo manufacturing increases its 3d printing production with the introduction of collaborative robots from universal robots to automate printer, a new chapter in pharmaceutical manufacturing 3d printed - 3d printing is layer by layer production of 3d objects from digital designs this technology developed at the confluence of chemistry optics and robotics, 3d printing renaissance visions by pekka ketola 3dstep ltd - learning materials for industrial and professional 3d printing in finnish and in english all pointers with tag free are free to download new titles are, what is 3d printing how does it work what is it - 3d is defined by google as a process for making a physical object from a three dimensional digital model typically by laying down many successive thin, the u s military 3d printing and a climate secure future - 1 briefer no 22 january 27 2014 the center for climate and security the u s, history of 3d printing timeline who invented 3d printing - the 3d printing buzz began a few years ago catching the attention of the wider public in a big way the media played a huge role in making 3d printing, this is the world s first entirely 3d printed gun photos - the 3d printed gun that cody wilson calls the liberator click to enlarge credit michael thad carter for forbes eight months ago, meet itop a one stop shop for 3d printing body parts - to some printing human body parts may sound like a far fetched story torn from a science fiction novel but in reality development of, online laser cutting engraving ship same day 24 7 - ponoko provides laser cutting engraving services to turn your designs into custom products you select from 99 beautiful materials download our design